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4 Reasons Behind My Career Pivot by Matt Martin

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I’ve spent more than 20 years in retail -- from senior leadership at Walmart to Nielsen and most recently, at Acosta. But this summer, I pivoted. I joined Movista as the VP of Strategic Growth. In case you don’t already know about this powerhouse, Movista is a SaaS company that provides all the tools in-store associates need in the retail ecosystem– in one, easy-to-use mobile interface. The mobile solution helps retail teams get products to that “last mile” from the backroom to the shelf, efficiently and effectively. Simply put, Movista has created the leading enterprise platform for flawless in-store execution and performance.

So, why did I decide to join a new industry via a SaaS company like Movista? Here are a few reasons:

1. The people.

Movista is led by a set of awesome people: April Seggebruch and Stan Zylowski. Both founders have a passion and vision for Movista, which is unmatched. Their passion and energy are contagious. They are very thoughtful and bring on people who live and breathe the culture that they have built. The team is some of the most talented people that I've seen in my career. Winners want to work with winners, and this is a winning team.

2. The culture. 

At the heart of Movista's culture is a team of people who are fueled by excellence and a desire to make customers’ work lives easier… and fun is definitely had along the way! At Movista, your opinion is heard, it matters, and people genuinely care about each other. There are no politics and red-tape; we all work together, figure things out, and give back. There’s a common expectation among the team to always be effective and efficient, credible and honest, creative and entrepreneurial. If you have a business challenge to face, we’ll help you find a way to solve it.

3. The product.

What the Movista team has built solves real business problems in creative ways and meets a clear need that isn't going away on its own. The result is a growing feature set on a leading software platform that is ever-improving, designed to harmonize the retail ecosystem -- creating visibility, accountability, and consistency in the execution of work.

4. The future.

Retail and commerce globally will continue to be driven by technology and automation. Retail-margin pressure is mounting, driven by more intense competition, investment in eCommerce, and pressure to increase wages. While these cost pressures are not new, many retailers have already exhausted traditional cost-reduction levers. Unable to pass on costs to their customers in this hypercompetitive environment, retailers are using technology and automation to support and bolster margins. Movista is well positioned with an already industry-leading solution (and more innovation is coming!) to meet these needs now -- AND in the future.

I am very excited to be here and we’re growing! Check out our open positions if any of my reasons for pivoting resonate with you.



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