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A Summer Internship at Movista

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This summer, I have had the incredible opportunity to work for a tech company called Movista. When I started this internship, I didn't have a single clue as to what Movista did, or really what the internship would be like. After receiving this internship, I jumped at the chance - knowing it would be out of my comfort zone - and that is exactly what I am thankful for. From learning all the fancy tech language to learning what goes into building a website from the ground up, I got my feet wet in the tech industry, and it has been amazing! As my summer with Movista comes to a close, I decided to look back on all the things I have learned from this great company.

As a marketing/sales intern for Movista I have had the opportunity to learn about the strategy behind finding new clients, retaining current clients, and increasing over-all consumer knowledge about our brand. Working outside of the corporate world has given me a behind-the-scenes view of all the elements that go into making a small business run. To list the full breadth of marketing skills I have learned to advance my career might feel overwhelming, so I would like to focus on the 5 biggest things I have learned that reflect Movista’s culture:


1) It is important to be flexible, evaluate your strategies constantly, and implement change where needed.

2) Having a workplace environment that fosters collaboration can make all the difference.

3) Working with outside specialists and forming partnerships helps you better your business and learn from the experts.

4) How to get stuff done and still have fun.

5) Planning content is HARD.


It is important to be flexible, evaluate your strategies constantly, and implement change where needed. At a smaller company like Movista, they are still learning tips and tricksBrandonWhiteInterview to be the best in their industry. Since Movista is still rapidly growing, I have learned that sometimes we have to adapt our strategies to better encompass the goals we are trying to accomplish. Working at Movista has taught me how important it is to constantly evaluate what we are doing and how we are doing it to make sure we have the most effective approaches in place. If there is one thing I have experienced, it is that not everything works on your first try; you continuously have to adapt and find the best solutions.



MovistaOffice-1Having a workplace environment that fosters collaboration can make all the difference. Being in the old historic Ice House building in Bentonville, Movista's building has a lot of character, and is a little different than your "typical" office space. That being said, Movista has done an incredible job designing and adding their own twist to the space. The office space is very open and modern, and it encourages employees to work together. Over the summer, Movista had the opportunity to expand our office, and now the sales and marketing team has their own collaboration/office area. This has allowed us to communicate more effectively, and I have learned just how important this is. For experts in sales and marketing, collaboration is not only encouraged, but required. Having an environment that fosters that teamwork encourages our team to bounce fresh ideas off each other, make sure we are creating the best content, and finding the best leads. 



Working with outside specialists and forming partnerships helps you better your business and learn from the experts. At my time with Movista thus far, even in the short 3 months, I have gotten to watch the business develop and flourish. As an intern, I have learned the importance of forming outside partnerships to grow your business. Movista has worked with different outside specialists such as a digital marketing firm to create the best content and find the best leads, a technology program in the local area to promote community outreach, a supplier service company to foster collaboration and create content, and many more. I have learned it is important to bring in outside specialists to not only expand your resources, but also to expand your brand. By establishing a leg in the community, Movista continues to grow and spread its name across Northwest Arkansas and all over the country.



How to get stuff done and still have fun. Movista has the best work environment. Everyone in the office is friendly and we always have fun. Branding the space as the MovistaOffice-2coolest office in town, they offer a ping pong table, a basketball hoop, and a seemingly endless food, snacks and beverages - all little ways Movista shows their appreciation to their employees. From day 1, I felt welcomed into the office and a part of the Movista family. Although we have lots of fun, we still know how to get stuff done. Having an environment that is so friendly and exciting actually encourages productivity. By showing gratitude to their employees and giving them the opportunity to take a mental break, Movista is creating happier employees who have the motivation to work hard and put their best foot forward.



Planning content is HARD. I consider myself lucky to have joined the Movista team when I did. Movista is just starting to create great content and really get their name out there. As an intern, I got to be a part of that content planning and generation to build and beef up Movista’s name. I have gotten to not only see, but also assist in that planning process, and it has not been easy. To start from the bottom up takes development, organization, and most of all, time. Not to mention, content can be anything from social media posts to blogs to videos to website material and much more. I have learned that it is important to create different kinds of content to reach different audiences. Getting a "behind the scenes" front seat into Movista's branding and content strategies has given me the opportunity to see what goes into making a small business grow. Movista has come a long way even in the short time I have been here, and I can’t wait to see the growth to come.


Over all, Movista has taught me what it is like to work for a company with passion and motivation. They have taught me how to be innovative, and patient. In today's world of fast-paced internships, it is easy to get lost under the corporate umbrella and be associated as "just one of the interns". When I walk around the office, people call me by name. I've enjoyed working somewhere where I know my voice will be heard, respected, and valued, even as an intern. That is why I am delighted to say that I will be continuing with Movista into the fall. I can’t wait to continue learning from the best company at #thecoolestofficeintown.

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