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Amp by Movista: Next-Gen Frontline Enablement

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The frontline mobile experience is a huge component of any retail execution software. While you may think of retail execution software as a tool for managers and organizational leaders, it also serves as an invaluable work aid to store associates and/or field reps. 

Working in a store environment is not as straightforward as it once was. Online order fulfillment and services such as curbside pickup have widened the scope of responsibilities for store associates in particular, while labor retention issues continue to persist in the background. More work + less bandwidth is a recipe for lackluster execution and negative employee and shopper experiences.

Perhaps now more than ever before, it is imperative that organizations put the right technology in the hands of their frontline teams. In the current store environment, a mobile retail execution app must be intuitive, reliable, and capable; it should amplify employee experience and performance, not hinder it. 

Amp by Movista is the mobile solution that today's retail teams need to keep up with the ever-accelerating pace of in-store work. It represents the next generation of frontline enablement and fills in the technological gap that has quickly widened in the wake of rapid omnichannel growth. 


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Retail Execution, Amplified

Amp by Movista is a unified mobile retail execution solution that enables store and field teams to streamline their in-store operations, improve communication between employees, and deliver a better customer experience. By optimizing operations and improving overall efficiency, retailers can take the weight of execution off the shoulders of frontline workers and enable leadership to make better decisions faster than ever before.

Amp is a next-gen app that enhances store and field teams' ability to complete work quickly while keeping up with the needs and expectations of a younger and more digitally fluent workforce. Amp's modern and intuitive interface allows employees to easily navigate the app, reducing the time it takes to complete tasks and onboard new team members. Amp is designed with the retail workforce in mind, with simple and straightforward navigation that makes it easy to access the information and tools they need to get the job done.


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Mobile Tasking

Give frontline employees real-time access to the resources they need to complete their work with a clear and concise task management system. Amp allows employees to receive task assignments and updates directly on their mobile devices, enabling them to respond quickly to changing priorities and customer needs. Workers can easily track their progress and stay on top of their responsibilities, letting them focus on completing the tasks at hand without worrying about what needs to be done next.

  • At-Shelf Ordering: Simplify item management and price changes at the shelf; reduce the chance for error and increase overall efficiency, accuracy, and customer satisfaction. 

  • Mobile Reassignments: Quickly create tasks, assign priorities, and delegate work directly through the app, manually or automatically. 

  • Work Escalation: Give management the ability to set parameters that automatically reassign at-risk work to the appropriate individual or team and ensure projects are always completed on time. 

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One of the key features of Amp is its collaboration functionality. In-app communication provides a central location for team members to access project information, collaborate on tasks, and track progress. With the ability to collaborate in real-time with integrated communications, employees can work together more effectively, resulting in better productivity and improved customer service. 

Share information, provide feedback, and work together to solve problems through Amp’s intuitive and integrated comms module. Reduce delays by broadcasting announcements, so your team can quickly make decisions and resolve issues. Improve project execution by ensuring everyone has access to the same information with direct messaging and group messaging capabilities. 

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Daily Dashboard

Amp makes it easy to stay on top of work with automated daily dashboards. Mobile users can quickly visualize their priorities, escalated tasks, company announcements, and upcoming work, freeing up time for task execution and customer service. 

Task Tracking:  Digital dashboards help workers stay on top of daily tasks by providing a central location to view assignments and track progress on collaborative work. Team members can collaborate in real-time with a snapshot of their progress and priorities, stay organized with a simplified task management system, and ultimately be more productive.

Alerts and notifications: Message alerts and notifications on the digital dashboard provide quick and easy access to updated information in real-time and allow leadership to notify workers of changes in task priorities or assignments. With this information at their fingertips, frontline workers have the ability to pivot their priorities and adjust plans instantly. 


Ready to Amplify Your Execution?

Amp by Movista is designed for today's retail workforce. With its modern and intuitive interface, excellent collaboration functionality, and easy-to-use task management system, this next-gen app makes it easy for your employees to stay on top of their responsibilities and work together more effectively. Contact us today to learn more about our platform's powerful capabilities.

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