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An Open Discussion with Stan Zylowski and Jarrod Davis


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Our fearless leader Stan Zylowski sat down recently with Jarrod Davis for the 8th & Walton Conference Call to discuss advice  for entrepreneurs.  

What Was Covered?

Jarrod and Stan discussed lessons learned by Movista from being in the retail trenches for the last eight years.  The advice is particularly timely in light of Walmart's recent Made in the USA Open Call.  From the Open Call, there are "winners" who gain distribution, but not all succeed long term.

"Failure doesn't really occur until you quit."    -Stan Zylowski


On Winning and Losing

The topic of winning and losing is huge for retail.  Most media coverage focuses on the "losers."  But we might wonder, "why are the winners succeeding?"  At the heart of success in retail (or anywhere for that matter) is providing a seamless customer experience.  Many stakeholders in the retail industry are focusing on how to make the transition from an online environment to an in-store environment seamless.  When asked how Movista helps companies improve the customer experience, Stan replied:


"When you look at how can we leverage technologies to increase and improve the customer experience in store, then you're getting somewhere.  Certainly there's a place in the world for self-checkout lanes, but if you only have self checkout lanes, you're not going to be serving your full customer base. Where we tend to focus as far as the customer goes, is we want to be the grease in the wheels that simply allows that customer experience in store to be exactly what the home office wants and expects it to be."


What's Way More Fun Than Reading This Blog Post?

Listening of course!

You can also visit 8th and Walton's podcast site here .

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