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Bringing Hyper-Efficiency to Market with SAP S/4HANA

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Industries around the world depend more each day on technology to streamline workflows and remove inefficiencies. The ability to create and maintain a reliable process is an absolute must if you want to keep up with this constant progression forward. Software company SAP recently answered this call-to-action with the release of their future-proof S/4HANA cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform.

Since officially rolling out this new platform, companies using SAP S/4HANA in the retail space are seeing a large jump in efficiency with the real-time data support the system offers, from both internal and external sources. It’s proving what we’d all already suspected: teams can work more efficiently and show increased productivity when they have the power of something in their toolbox that can keep up with the speed of business. SAP continues to set the gold standard for such business solutions, and they’ve given us the latest peek into the future of what will be expected from platforms across the board.

But what exactly makes it a leading platform moving into the future?

  1. Getting to the Point

For starters, SAP offers highly flexible configurations for each business expressing their needs. Such a personalized product can filter out features that relate only to the users’ exact desires, on the frontend and the backend.

This flexibility fits perfectly in line with SAP S/4HANA because the entire platform is based around one main goal – getting to the point. It offers the ability to completely remove regular processes and extra steps to increase efficiency among businesses, allowing users to get from point A to point B instantly. No extra noise to slow down the process. In fact, SAP stands by their speed in confidence, promising 100 times faster reporting to sharpen decision making needs in real-time.


  1. Embedded AI & Streamlined UX

SAP is able to make such a bold claim because S/4HANA is the technology to back it up. Embedded AI enables your growing business to manage change to cut out the need to constantly have modifications made to keep up with the team’s productivity. Real-time analytics offer advanced forecasting for faster decision making to determine outcomes instantly. Streamlined data displays allow easy-to-use, at-a-glance reporting by taking away unneeded indexes. The consumer-grade UX expands across all devices for seamless results and fewer errors. That’s in addition to the endless opportunities created by including features into the platform which are based on individual business needs.


      3. Flexible, Easy Deployment

The truth is, because the S/4HANA product is so all-encompassing, it’s easy to assume that companies will be left missing a crucial piece of their daily tools without it. Not only does it offer flexible deployment options, reducing headcount required to operate once you launch the platform, but SAP also allows an easy deployment for existing HANA users looking to upgrade. Stating “75% of customers that have migrated their existing SAP Business Suite on HANA as the first major step in moving to SAP S/4HANA have done so within six months.”


At Movista, we share a similar mindset with SAP – it’s part of our culture & our passion for customer service to get work done better and more efficiently. In retail and retail management, having a complete overview of your field team in real-time is crucial. Our solution delivers the ability to get the information you need instantly without having to jump through extra hoops to get it. We are built to play nicely with others, which positions us perfectly to integrate with enterprise-grade systems like SAP.  We've already completed successful client implementations with SAP S/4HANA integrations.

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