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Meet Movista: An Employee's First Week

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Information overload. Giddy anticipation. Handshakes by the dozens. Overwhelming intimidation. Sidesplitting laughter. The acceptance of a serious (and seriously cool) mission. These are a few of the experiences I’ve racked up in my first week at Movista.

Shelby Lawson, Photo Credit: @amandagracecunningham

                                                                                                                                          Photo Credit: @amandagracecunningham

I began the adventure of fitting into my new role as Marketing Coordinator for Trade Events on Monday. By Friday, I had surprised myself, and I was actually fitting in to my new role. Somewhere in between digging into monstrous spreadsheets and being comforted by countless “Saturday Night Live” references, I started to feel right at home. Full disclosure: the fully-stocked kitchens and exceedingly kind accommodations didn’t hurt, either.

Looking back on my interview process, I had a sneaking suspicion that Movista’s people took their work to the next level. Now, that suspicion has been confirmed– ten-fold. It’s evident in each person’s attitude and in every team meeting. It’s evident in the extra mile the people around me have gone to make sure I’m adjusting well. It’s evident in the co-founders’ dedicated, hands-on approach to big and menial tasks alike. It’s evident in the afternoons of quiet concentration. It’s evident in the boisterous camaraderie of morning conversations as we, and our computers, wake up.


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In my first week here, I’ve gained only a glimpse of what my co-workers and bosses do each day in the pursuit of excellence. But that glimpse has been enough to get me incredibly excited about what’s to come in the weeks ahead!


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