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Quality assurance is an integral part of keeping Movista's software top-of-the-line, and Anuradha (a.k.a. Anu) is an integral part of QA's success. To make sure each update and launch is ready for our hardworking clients, it takes dedication, precision, diligence and attention to detail. Movista's QA team is up for the challenge day in and day out. 


Behind-the-Scenes Magic

Anu started working at Movista in 2016 after doing similar roles at large, worldwide corporations. She brings a decade of quality control and software experience to the table (...and that's not to mention the multiple masters' degrees she holds in the sciences!) We're very fortunate to be able to benefit from all her talent and the knowledge she shares AND she always has the warmest smile.

Learn more about Anu in her own words, as she describes what she likes best about working with Movista. 


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