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Meet Movista: True Customer Care

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Who gets to go to work every day and do something that they love to do? I DO! Let me tell you about the company I work for - and the work I do.

Working in Customer Care over the last 25 or so years has given me the opportunity to gain insight into people, read people and most of all, help people. Customer service is not something you do, it is something you are. Luckily, I work for Movista.

I had never heard of either of the co-founders, Stan Zylowski and April Seggebruch, until I earned a position at Movista. I remember my fourth or fifth day of work, I encountered a tall, blonde woman (although, everyone is tall compared to me) who introduced herself as April. It was so nice to be noticed by an owner, and thought "Wow, she is talking to me!" Little did I know at the the time that this person would be someone I would come to greatly admire. My introduction to Stan was completely different. This man walked up to me and just asked me how far I drive to work. (At the time, I was driving about 100 miles round trip.) He told me he thought I was crazy – and after that exchange, someone said, “Oh, that was Stan," and I thought "Wow! I am in for a ride."

"Ride" has been an understatement. In the beginning, I was working all alone in a separate building most days, because we were split between two offices. Then, everyone moved over to the new space with me - and I haven't been alone since. Because we were a smaller startup and continuously growing, I have had the opportunity to either work with or sit next to just about everyone. Each department has unique personalities to go with their persons. That is what I think makes working at Movista so much fun.

When I was hired, Mike Edwards had the job of teaching me about software. Customer service I know: just be nice, patient and listen. But with software - I had no clue! Learning was interesting, to say the least. I would read everything I could get my hands on, work on the software and read some more. I took calls and solved puzzles that reps gave me. Each day got better and better as I learned more and more.

When you work in a call center, the stress is sometimes very high; calls are coming in on every line, and emails are coming in one right after the other. Today, because of the experiences I have had at Movista, I've moved my way up to Call Center Manager and I still love what I do. The people that call are my best friends, and some even call just to see how I am doing during bad weather or to wish me happy holidays! I can honestly say that I have never been treated so well in a position before.

Recently we brought on a company that we were all so excited about. The volume of calls with a new company is always a bit higher than normal because of the questions coming in from the new reps. During the onboarding process with the client, everyone at Movista was helping – I mean ALL HANDS-ON DECK! It was phenomenal. I couldn’t believe that people were actually asking to assist with calls. Even though it was a BUSY week, we exemplified what teamwork really is. The energy around here was through the roof! We worked from dawn to dusk, and an added benefit, different departments got to learn more in depth what we do. Everyone brings so much to the table.

Movista was voted one of the Best places to work in Arkansas in 2018 and I am proud and honored to be one of the teammates at the Coolest Office in Town! In my many years of work experience, I can honestly say that I made THE best career move when I applied for the position as a customer care representative. Not only do I admire the people I work for and with, I respect each and every one of the upper management staff and everyone else in the building. If you decide to visit, bring a sweater – it’s code in here!


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