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Top 4 Benefits of Using Mobile GPS Tracking for Business

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Today, mobile GPS tracking is a common practice. From “Find My Friends” to tracking employees on the job, employers now have the necessary technology to monitor their employees' movements like never before. While it's helpful for employers to have real-time visibility to their teams' whereabouts, many people are still understandably uneasy about the idea. When it comes to using GPS to "keep an eye" on employees, it's important to create a culture of trust with your teams. If you'll be monitoring their work activity, setting some expectations and guidelines on the front end around how you'll be using information, as well as protecting their privacy can help you put your workers at ease.

To explore this concept, we will dive into the benefits of using mobile GPS tracking in a business setting, as well as giving you tips on how to ensure you're being compliant with any regulations if you decide to leverage this software feature.

GPS Tracking allows employers to:

  • Create accountability with employees. You can check that employees are on track with tasks and that they are where they say they are.
  • Promote efficiency. Being able to monitor where your employees are, at given points throughout their workday, allows you to make sure they are using their time wisely and effectively. Having visibility into what routes your remote teams are taking helps you establish accurate gas mileage reports. It also gives you the ability to redirect to more efficient routes, if needed - which helps your team spend less time in the car and more time in stores. According to softwareadvice.com95% of businesses report an increase in the number of work orders completed per day after adopting GPS tracking software.

Mobile GPS Tracking

  • Ensures compliance with labor laws. By monitoring exactly when your employees are on and off the clock, and how they manage their time, you can ensure that you are following all labor and overtime laws, giving mandated breaks, etc. 
  • Quickly find employees during their shifts if you need them. Being able to monitor where all your employees are can help keep you organized and avoid wasted time trying to locate your remote teams.

How to ensure you stay compliant with your mobile GPS tracking:

  • Check your state law(s). It is important to check your state law before implementing any GPS tracking program. Each state has different laws regarding the monitoring of employees, and you will want to make sure you are compliant.
  • Only use GPS tracking for business needs. Many employees may feel that the use of GPS is a violation of their privacy. If you decide that implementing a GPS tracking program is right for your business, you must develop a fine line between individual privacy rights and be able to justify the business-need for tracking. To do this, it is important to strictly use it for monitoring business-related travel to avoid litigation and promote ethical practices. Do NOT track employees off the clock.
  • Implement a policy. As an employer utilizing GPS tracking, it is important that you have a written-down policy that acknowledges the rules and extensions of when the tracking can/will be used. This keeps both you and your employees on the same page. Your policy should include a notice of when the company will start using the tracking capabilities, a description of what information is going to be collected using the GPS, the reason for tracking, and when employees can expect to be monitored on the job. 

Mobile GPS tracking can be a great asset for many businesses that provides accountability, liability, and promotes efficiency. If you decide to use GPS tracking to track your employees, it is important to take the time to develop a clear procedure and remain within ethical boundaries. With new technologies emerging, new laws are still developing. Employers who use GPS tracking should continuously monitor their policy to check compliance with all state and government laws. 

If you are interested in implementing a mobile GPS tracking program for your business check out our website to learn more about the services Movista offers and schedule a demo today. 


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