North Pole with New Tech – The Mobile Enabled Elf

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As my social media feeds started filling up with posts and photos about the adventures of various Elf on the Shelf scouts this year, it got me thinking about the daily demands of these little helpers.

Sometimes they encounter delays, sometimes they get so excited to see the kids again this year that they miss some attention to detail in their reports … and sometimes they are even a little mischievous themselves.

It begs the question: Could Santa, ever a source of magic and wonder, benefit from using the Movista platform? With more than 11 million Elves on Shelves currently on duty in the United States, that’s a lot of scouts responsible for reporting back to Santa with nightly updates. And any inconsistency in the reports just slows the list sorting down for the big man.

By adding Movista to the roster of Santa’s helpers, we could leverage technology to help enable the North Pole Workshop with efficient, real-time naughty/nice tracking and reporting. Then the average elf would get a little more time to focus on important Christmas tasks that still need to be done away from the shelf.

Santa could get a clear read on things like the elves’ magical mileage submitted for expense reports. He can also get real-time supporting photo evidence from the scene, before making a determination as to who gets ponies vs. lumps of coal … Elves can upload images, audio files or videos from their smart phones when documenting kids being nice or, heaven forbid, “throwing a temper tantrum” level naughty.

With our help, come Christmas Eve, Santa will be large and in charge of the distribution of gifts and treats… he can use our reporting dashboard to plan the most efficient route from house to house, shaving down his total delivery time significantly and saving the reindeer from unnecessary flight miles.

Sure, I’d agree that St. Nick has managed to get his work done pretty efficiently all this time without our brand of help, but I just can’t help but think what he’s been missing … enabling those elves with tools to report back with a single version of the truth will make Santa’s ho-ho-whole year so much easier – and EVERYONE’S season bright. (And I’m still really hoping to get a pony.)

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