What IS Movista?

Maybe you’ve seen our booth at a tradeshow or heard of us in retail technology circles. Maybe you’ve read one of our posts. Or maybe you’ve visited our website, where we’ve tried to break our...

Seeing the Full Picture: Insights by Movista

We've officially launched Insights by Movista, the business intelligence tool built to keep teams on the cutting edge of retail execution!

Something to YAPP about: Movista launches all-in-one communications app for field teams and frontline workers

Movista has launched “YAPP” -- the latest piece of retail technology advancement from the retail solutions experts. YAPP focuses directly on enabling cross-store communications and announcements...

Bringing Hyper-Efficiency to Market with SAP S/4HANA

Industries around the world depend more each day on technology to streamline workflows and remove inefficiencies. The ability to create and maintain a reliable process is an absolute must if you...

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