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The Greener Grass Myth - and Other Things I've Learned Working in Retail

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I've spent my entire career working in retail. I’ve worked in stores – on the frontline assisting customers and receiving direction from corporate.  I’ve worked at a corporate office – assisting our stores and giving direction to the field. I've also been part of the Vendor world – serving corporate retailers who are trying to make things more efficient for their customers. Now I work with a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, helping vendor manufacturers and retailers improve merchandising and retail execution across their businesses.

I have absolutely loved each step in this journey and I have encountered this phenomenon in every role: Corporate gets frustrated, wondering why the Field Teams and 3rd Party Service Providers don't just do as they are instructed, while the Field Team/3rd Party Workforce is aggravated, wondering if Corporate REALLY understands what they do … or even what the Customers want. It’s the retail version of “the grass is always greener on the other side”. Can't we all just get along?

How do you help align the visions and goals of your corporate teams with the realistic expectations of what your field teams will be able to accomplish, while also creating a smoother work experience and providing clear direction that will help your workforce get more tasks done, more simply ... ladies and gentlemen, I introduce you to Movista.

One of the many reasons I jumped at an opportunity to work for Movista is because, in many ways, it solves for the above issues. Simply put, we give your Home Office leadership team the ability to send projects and tasks to your Field/3rd Party team(s) in real time. In turn, it gives those teams in the field the complete picture and expectations for each project - they can execute the plan, submit their work, and if this specific feature is set up, they can even get paid all in that same day. No more wondering. No more manual paperwork and time wasted on tedious admin tasks. Only results for both sides.

It’s a win/win/win situation - the work gets done more easily, so the Field teams are happy. Costs decrease and more work is getting done, so the Home Office is happy. Items are stocked and displayed beautifully, so the customers are happy finding everything they want - and show it by buying your products. 

My role in this exciting circle of life is to make sure Movista's platform works seamlessly for Clients. Our Clients depend upon and rely on our tool to do exactly what it was designed to do, and often, even more.  I am setup and empowered to do whatever I need to do in order to make sure the Client wins every single time. I work with a team of Developers who work tirelessly to ensure our product is top-notch, while future-proofing it and making it cutting edge.  We have an entire Customer Support team who work here onsite with us and are ready to assist anyone who calls in for support. We have a Leadership team who expects nothing short of our Clients succeeding in their business.  And I get to work with all of them, and the Client, to ensure that their success happens - and that you and your teams aren't ever derailed by distractions that look like greener grass.

Call us.  We’ll prove it.

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