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The Stanish Inquisition Ep. 18 - Greg Van Horn: The Cost of Learning Media

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In the newest episode of The Stanish Inquisition, Greg Van Horn of Launch Potato, sits down with Movista CEO & co-founder, Stan Zylowski, for a deep look into the online tech world. 


Greg has a rich understanding of the digital landscape of advertisement that started early in his career. His entrepreneurship passion started when he taught himself how to build websites on free site builders -- which was just enough to get by to sell his product online. But with that came the random, uncertain struggles of starting a business! Greg recounts those early days of his career with Stan & shares more recent stories of building an award-winning startup legacy with a global footprint.

You won't want to miss out on the insights & the journey of a young entrepreneur, all in this episode of the Stanish Inquisition!

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