The Technology-Enabled Cat Herder

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Cat herding is a time-honored business skill, although not a role that anyone usually asks for. Every company has one. If you don’t know that person in your company, it’s likely you.

When serving in the role of cat herder, lucky friend, remember that collaboration and communication are critical to navigating a project successfully – and with all your wagons and cats accounted for at your goal.

The most seasoned Cat Herders know how to immediately spot the difference between a team working well together, meeting their goals, and following a roadmap toward success versus the team who chases competing priorities, does things their own way, and communicates very little, if at all. Fortunately, there is a way to untangle the mess and enable your teams to get more done.

When you identify your business challenges and goals, investing in productivity software is a great way to ensure success and get your arms around varied, independent agendas. In the workplace – where time is money – it is essential that companies streamline productivity,” says Per Holmand of Project Lab.

“Technology is key to getting the most out of organizational performance and it can be expected to play an increasing part in company productivity initiatives.”

Taming the Chaos
Making an investment in digital integration can improve efficiency in numerous ways. After automating your most time-consuming tasks, employees can work on things that require a higher level of personal attention. This integration can also give rise to faster, easier, and more consistent communication, which encourages and supports collaboration. This also leads to more efficient, faster reporting that increases visibility of progress toward team goals and helps to identify any potential problems more quickly.

Movista is the red laser dot that focuses everyone’s attention on your goals, coaxing your team through their paces – and even getting them excited for the process because it’s easy to follow. Our platform increases the efficiency of your workforce and gives them all the tools they need to get their jobs done and move on to the next store.

Stop wrangling your company’s cats. Instead, give them a reason to wind down and settle in for a nice long nap while your team gets some work done.


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