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Immediate Help for the Kronos Time Tracking Outage

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Kronos announced this month that a ransomware attack rendered Kronos Private Cloud unavailable… indefinitely. Official statements from Kronos stated that, “we strongly recommend that you evaluate and implement alternative business continuity protocols related to the affected UKG solutions.”

This open-ended situation has caused many Kronos customers to scramble to find solutions for day-to-day employee time-tracking. Without time-tracking functionality in place, payroll delivery has been impacted across users. Since learning of this news, Movista has been helping impacted customers get back online with their vital workforce time tracking needs.

The companies we’re assisting have been forced to cobble together manual time tracking solutions. Many are using basic spreadsheets and Google Forms, both disconnected from company systems and prone to human error. It goes without saying that these are highly unattractive options that cannot appropriately handle the critical nature of time tracking to employee’s pay.

Movista Time Tracking App

Luckily, we did not need to build anything to assist Kronos customers. We’ve been tracking workforce time and attendance for over a decade. Movista’s time tracking is highly secure and is used in thousands of retail locations today. Many of our customers selected our platform for its simplicity and its ability to easily integrate with other systems such as HCMs/payroll providers such as Paycom, ADT, and Comdata, among others. Further, Movista delivers a mobile-first experience that is accessible via Apple iOS and Android devices. Employees can quickly get set up whether they use company-owned devices or operate on a BYOD employer policy.

We’re currently getting companies back online in days, not weeks, and would enjoy the opportunity to speak with you today.

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