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What’s in an Anniversary? We Pause to Reflect and Celebrate

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Last week, we celebrated our 8th anniversary at Movista.

A milestone to mark the eight years that have passed since our co-founders took a leap of faith to leave their corporate jobs and invest in their ideas. Their dreams opened the doors to a software company that prides itself on a passion for customer service and continuous improvements to their worklife management software solution.

According to Bloomberg, 8 out of 10 startups fail within 18 months. Considering this daunting statistic, it’s become our tradition to celebrate longevity and acknowledge our successes with our Founders’ Week event.


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Company kickoff at the Icehouse (Movista Headquarters)

We dedicate a full week and gear our activities toward advancing the company, discussing our strategy, getting focused on the next goal and pausing to reflect on what we’ve accomplished over the past year.

“We have grown from an idea on paper at the University of Arkansas to a bustling company with 49 amazing employees, clients across North America, three years of triple digit revenue growth and a ton of momentum," said Stan Zylowski, President and Co-Founder. "We worked hard, of course, but we also know that, without the faith and assistance of many, we would not have reached this plateau.”

Embracing Quality Time

Like many technology companies, our team is rarely in the same place at the same time. Founders’ Week gives us the opportunity to bring everyone together and both recognize and appreciate them for their efforts. The week is a combination of information and working sessions for continuous improvement and pure, unadulterated fun.

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When you do a movie takeover, you can pick something as old school as Raiders of the Lost Ark.

“A few years into growing Movista, we realized we were the worst at celebrating the big moments as they occurred," according to April Seggebruch, EVP and Co-Founder. "We wanted to change that, but we generally just keep our noses to the grindstone from day-to-day. Now, Founder’s week is like the moment when you have been asked to hold your applause until you hear, 'please congratulate the graduates.' It is also the time we set the stage for the coming year, tell war stories and have one darn great party to appreciate everyone. When it’s over, we are happy to get back to work.”

We’ve grown from a scrappy team of two to a perfectly-sized army of amazing professionals. We’ll continue growing both our revenues and our talented team, while also giving back and helping better the community where we live.


As part of our ONE with Community initiatives, Team Movista volunteered at a local middle school track & field day to close out Founders’ Week.

Over the years, we’ve been motivated by everyone who told us ‘no’. Those who didn’t think we could accomplish the things we have. And as we've made this climb, we know that eight years is definitely not enough - we're here for the foreseeable future, because we love finding solutions to business problems.

Thank you to everyone who's supported over the years and are sticking with us as we grow. The future looks bright for Movista. Keep watching, because where we’ll stop, nobody knows….

We Love Getting the Band Back Together

Co-Founder April Seggebruch describes the biggest three new clients we landed and what the product development implications are for the company.


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Employee appreciation & recognition awards. The employee of the year, our MVP, gets a desktop Leg Lamp … a bonafide prize. 

Who is Movista? 

Movista LLC is a Software as a Service Company, founded in Bentonville, Arkansas by Stan Zylowski and April Seggebruch in 2010. Based on their personal experience in the field, they had a vision to revolutionize the way teams worked together, as well as how leadership could manage those teams more seamlessly.

Today, we’re rapidly expanding our team nationwide, and proudly serve many of the world’s best retailers, brands and service organizations. Whether you have 200 users or 20,000, our software is scalable to your business. We work with all sizes of teams and have a passion for customer service. We are committed to ensuring that you’re pleased with the level of service you receive – and if we don’t know the answer to your issue, we will find it.






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