The New Anywhere Commerce: Leveraging Employees and Technology to Win Post Pandemic

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For more than a century, Hallmark has been innovating retail across millions of SKUs, thousands of clients, a high degree of seasonality, and the largest company-owned field team in the United States. Movista’s mobile retail execution platform has been an invaluable partner alongside Hallmark’s teams for many of those years. Listen in as Lora Rhodus, Hallmark’s Vice President of Global Merchandising Services, discusses the role technology can play in providing visibility, insights, communication, revenue lift and ever-critical employee enablement.

topics covered
  • Should brick-and-mortar retailers feel threatened by the changes to commerce?
  • How to blend “anywhere commerce” across rooftops, online ordering & BOPIS
  • What it takes to radically improve trade promotion compliance & effectiveness
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About Lora Rhodus

Lora Rhodus is Vice President of Global Merchandising Services, Hallmark’s centralized organization responsible for championing in-store operational excellence through successful planning, execution, service, and installations across all Hallmark customers. Lora began her Hallmark career nearly 20 years ago and is experienced in Distribution, Global Procurement, Demand & Inventory Planning, & eCommerce Operations.

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About Eric Wilson

Eric Wilson is the Chief Customer Officer of Movista, responsible for leading the Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success functions. Eric is passionate about driving profitable business transformations and brings that energy through in his work, fostering the success of Movista’s clients at every stage in their journey. Eric holds 20+ years of leadership experience spanning from tech startups to global SaaS organizations.

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