Screen Shot 2023-01-31 at 10.02.43 AMWHAT'S IN STORE FOR RETAIL TEAMS?

Execution has always been a cornerstone in retail, but in the coming years, it will be indispensable to success. The margin for error is slimming, consumers are expecting more from their shopping experiences, and retail teams from all sides of the aisle
are being asked to do more with less. After reading this 2023 Outlook, however, you should have a clear understanding of the trajectory of retail and a less obstructed view of success.

Using a combination of market research, retail leadership interviews, and real-world insights gathered from thirteen years of experience in the retail execution SaaS space, we explore some of the most pertinent socioeconomic and industry-specific trends and do our best to offer you actionable insights along the way.



Solving Retail's Labor Problem

The gig economy has emerged as a rising force in today's labor market, offering flexible work arrangements and opportunities for individuals with diverse skills and expertise. However, its potential in the retail industry remains largely untapped.