Screen Shot 2023-02-01 at 12.15.10 PMTake a moment to imagine the future of retail innovation...

Did you picture a store overrun by autonomous robots? We don't blame you. Artificial intelligence (AI) is driving the evolution of retail, but there are so many applications outside of robotics that retailers, brands, and merchandisers can capitalize on.

New and emerging AI enable retail teams to operate at an unprecedented level of efficiency, unachievable through traditional manual processes.

In Movista's latest report, discover how you can leverage the latest AI technology to improve store execution, increase on-shelf availability (OSA), and maximize customer experience. 





Solving Retail's Labor Problem

The gig economy has emerged as a rising force in today's labor market, offering flexible work arrangements and opportunities for individuals with diverse skills and expertise. However, its potential in the retail industry remains largely untapped.