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Analyst Brief - IDC Retail Insights: Advancing Industry Collaboration in Retail

The retail evolution is constant. The way consumers shop both in-stores and online has changed and continues to be disrupted. There is no longer a clear path on what may come next. One thing is certain: collaboration between retailers, brands, and service providers must evolve as well.  
According to Jon Duke, Research Vice President, IDC Retail Insights“54% of retailers cited ecosystem collaboration as the top priority for their supply chain technology investments.” 
To deliver customer-focused retail experiences, stores, brands, and service providers know that working together cannot be lip-service. The power of many is far greater than any “one” team. 
Within this brief, key collaboration criteria for the future of retail is presented and supported by the Retail Insights division of IDC Research. Jon Duke, Research Vice President, IDC Retail Insights serves as contributing author.  
About Jon Duke, Research Vice President, IDC Retail Insights 

Jon leads the Intelligent Product Merchandising and Marketing Strategies practice and is responsible for delivering IDC Retail Insights' authoritative perspective on how retailers can leverage technology solutions to achieve key operational, tactical, and strategic objectives across the merchandising and marketing functions.