Case Studies

National Grocery Chain ROI Case Study

Screen Shot 2022-07-06 at 9.50.56 AMBefore deploying Movista, the grocer relied on outdated methods to manage their in-store retail work. Overtasked store managers spent hours manually correcting replenishment tasks and experienced a blurred view of product availability on the shelf or in the stockroom with backstock levels exceeding the inventory.

The grocer implemented the Movista platform in 2015 to manage store projects and tasks while helping to better manage, track, replenish, and report inventory levels. Movista provides a 360° view across their supply chain replenishment system, including on-shelf compliance for merchandisers, direct-store-delivery (DSD), and third-party field teams to carry out in-store replenishment with complete transparency.



Solving Retail's Labor Problem

The gig economy has emerged as a rising force in today's labor market, offering flexible work arrangements and opportunities for individuals with diverse skills and expertise. However, its potential in the retail industry remains largely untapped.