Webinar - RetailWire - Hacking the Labor Crisis (with the labor on hand)

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The labor shortage is very real and potentially devastating to retail businesses, many of which are currently reducing store hours and stressing out staff to the breaking point. Further, trying to compete for talent with major national chains raises operating costs at a time when price inflation is a top shopper concern.

It’s time to ask: Are retailers working from too narrow of a mindset? Today’s retail businesses are run, not only with in-house employees, but with a talented coalition that includes CPG reps, DSD stockers, third-party merchandisers and other valuable trade partners.

Sit in on this stimulating brainstorming session to explore ways of using the diverse resources at hand to solve your costly in-store inefficiencies.


Execution has always been a cornerstone in retail, but in the coming years, it will be indispensable to success. The margin for error is slimming, consumers are expecting more from their shopping experiences, and retail teams from all sides of the aisle are being asked to do more with less.