Webinar - Progressive Grocer - Grocers Reveal Top Pain Points of 2022


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It's a New Year for retailers, but familiar problems persist. From labor challenges and recruitment to supply chain disruption and on shelf availability to store experience and improving profitability. Find out how your industry peers are addressing these challenges and others in an exclusive retailer study conducted by the research division of EnsembleIQ. Join Movista and Progressive Grocer for a revealing look at 2022's top areas of opportunity, including:

  • Top trends to address labor issues with unconventional approaches and new workforce solutions.
  • Practical approaches to remedy supply chain challenges and fix on-shelf availability issues.
  • Real world solutions and new types of technology attracting investment.
  • What's working for retailers in non-grocery channels and the potential impact of alternative approaches.


Solving Retail's Labor Problem

The gig economy has emerged as a rising force in today's labor market, offering flexible work arrangements and opportunities for individuals with diverse skills and expertise. However, its potential in the retail industry remains largely untapped.