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8 Best Planogram Software Tools: Free And Paid (2023)

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Part science and part art, planograms have long been a staple of physical retail and a critical merchandising tool for store and field teams. Once printed onto sheets of paper, planograms have since evolved into sophisticated digital renderings that can be integrated into existing retail execution software, making it quick and easy for frontline teams to properly display products on shelves. 

With shoppers returning to stores at record numbers, it's never been more important for retail teams to nail down their planogram execution. So without any more delay, let's take a look at some of the best planogram software tools on the market today. 


The best planogram software tools of 2023

The best planogram software will vary depending on your organization's unique needs. Small, independently owned retailers, for example, will not need the same level of capabilities as a big-box chain. To make your search a little bit easier, we hand-selected two of our favorite solutions, one free and one paid. But if you want to research further, we included six additional options further down the page. 


Best FREE Planogram Tool: CANVA

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If you have a small retail team, Canva is a great choice for your merchandising needs. It is entirely free, works well for collaboration, and requires little to no design experience. Simply drag and drop your products into place, then add text and images to customize your planogram.

While Canva is most commonly used for things like social media graphics, brochures, and presentations, its value carries over to planogram creation as well. Canva offers a wide range of templates for different types of planograms, so you are sure to find one that fits your unique needs.

As an added bonus, Canva offers an extensive library of tutorials and support articles to help you quickly get up to speed. 

Price: Free with optional premium upgrades for teams starting at $120/yr.


Best Enterprise-Grade Planogram Tool: One Door

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No better tool encapsulates the modernization of planograms better than One Door, a provider of cloud-based visual merchandising software that leverages AI to help frontline teams execute product placement quickly and correctly. 

Through their platform, teams can rapidly create, execute, and share store plans. One Door digitizes and organizes all your visual merchandising information securely in the cloud. From HQ to store floor, your whole team sees a single ‘source of truth’ for merchandising data, saving time, eliminating guesswork, and preventing costly mistakes.

One Door's planograms can also be shared seamlessly through a number of convenient mediums and can even integrate into your existing retail execution software for ultimate work efficiency in stores. 

Learn more about One Door's partnership with leading retail execution SaaS company Movista here.

Price: Contact for pricing. Schedule a free demo here.


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Other Top Planogram Tools



DotActiv is another enterprise-grade provider of planogramming software, right up there with OneDoor.

Its data-driven planogram automation allows users to access up to 40 products on a single-drop planogram, with retail analytics that aid decision-making.

Custom dashboards allow users to visualize store space and better understand how shelf positioning affects performance. With great training videos for quick learning and a money-back guarantee, DotActiv offers a lot in return for its relatively higher monthly price.

Price: 14-day free trial of DotActiv Lite with training included; paid subscriptions start at $70/month



Like Canva, Infogram is not built exclusively for planogram creation; however, it still has most everything small teams need for effective planogram design. 

Infogram is particularly good for collaboration during the design phase and has easy-to-use custom templates. Choose from over 37 chart types, create up to ten projects, and browse multiple different map types. 

Price: Free for Basic; $19/month for Pro; $67/month for Business; $149/month for Team; contact Infogram for enterprise rates



While one of the more expensive options on the market, Quant still has valuable capabilities for planogram merchandising. 

Their tool supports many different fixture types—from classic shelving systems and table displays to unique fixtures, freezers, and hanging systems—and has an intuitive interface. Similar to OneDoor, Quant can provide automated planograms designed to optimize space and sales. 

With Quant Premium, you don't have to worry about user limit, but you will have to fork out a decent chunk of change. 

Price: Quant Basic from $1,320 per user/year and Quant Premium from $4,400 per year


Scorpion Planogram

Scorpion Planogram is a design-centric solution for planogram creation that is particularly user-friendly, making it a strong choice for small to mid-sized teams. 

It has easy-to-use drag-and-drop tools, 2-D and 3-D planograms, and multiple fixture templates to choose from. Similar to OneDoor, Scorpion is effective for visualization, but it falls short on the execution side of planograms which is equally important to design.

Scorpion keeps their pricing information tucked away, so you'll have to contact their team to compare prices. 

Price: Not publicly available; contact Scorpion Planogram for details


Shelf Logic

Shelf Logic is a solid choice for planogram creation and sharing designed specifically for smaller CPG companies that want to sell to large retail chains that require planograms from their suppliers. 

They have multiple tiers to choose from with a wide selection of features, such as product measurement, photo post-processing, and custom reports. Despite marketing themselves to smaller companies, their pricing is a little on the high side.

They've been around since 1995, so it's safe to say they have a good grip on planogram needs; however, like many legacy solutions, it falls short on integration with execution software, an increasingly important capability for frontline teams. 

Price: Master and enterprise editions from $995 to $7,495



While not a pure planogram solution, SmartDraw provides plenty of great features for retail teams and is well-suited for enterprise-level collaboration. 

It has plenty of templates to choose from, integrates with a decent number of common software, automatically generates visuals, and allows for seamless file sharing. The pricing is also surprisingly affordable for an enterprise-grade software. 

However, because its tool is not designed exclusively for retail teams, it is not the most efficient planogram solution out there. But if you have other needs that align with SmartDraw's services, it could be a great fit for your team.

Price: $9.95/month for a single user; $5.95/month for 5+ users



The Importance of Combining Planogram Creation & Execution

Today's retail teams are being asked to do more than ever. Stocking merchandise based on planograms is now only a small part of a frontline worker's responsibilities. By combining planogram tools with a robust, mobile-first retail execution software like Movista, frontline teams are able to make a huge impact on on-shelf availability and ultimately shopper satisfaction.

For example, with our mobile app, a store associate or field rep can not only access planogram instructions but also place orders for missing items and provide central planning with real-time, in-store inventory data. This unification enables better demand forecasting and ushers in previously unattainable levels of on-shelf availability and planogram/promotional compliance. 

But that only scratches the surface of our powerful retail execution software. To learn more about our unified solution, visit our website here. To learn more about our partnership with OneDoor, read our joint press release here.


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