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Top 8 Planogram Software Platforms for 2024

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Blog inline blue-pink_Worker focusedPart science and part art, planograms have long been a staple of physical retail and a critical merchandising tool for store and field teams. Planograms have evolved from static paper diagrams to dynamic digital powerhouses, providing retail teams with the tools to make every inch of shelf space count. 

By combining planogram tools with robust, mobile-first retail execution software, frontline teams can significantly improve on-shelf availability and shopper satisfaction.

As customers flock back into stores, executing flawless planograms has become more critical than ever. To guide you through the myriad of choices out there, let's explore eight leading planogram software platforms available in today's market.




Unique Features: Sophisticated analytics, category management capabilities, and visualization tools.
Ideal for: Large companies with extensive shelf space and complex merchandising requirements.

Pricing: Available upon request.
RELEX is ideal for businesses with extensive shelf space and complex merchandising requirements. Its sophisticated analytics, category management features, and powerful visualization tools empower retail teams to make data-driven decisions. Whether it's assortment planning, promotion optimization, or space allocation, RELEX offers the tools needed to stay ahead in today's competitive retail landscape.

2. OneDoor

Unique Features: Interactive visual merchandising tools, real-time planogram editing, and virtual store simulations.

Ideal for: Teams focused on enhancing in-store visual experiences and optimizing product placements.

Pricing: Available upon request.


Blog inline blue-pink_grocery phoneNo tool encapsulates the modernization of planograms better than One Door. Perfect for retail teams aiming to captivate customers with engaging displays, they provide a cloud-based visual merchandising software that leverages AI to help frontline teams execute product placement quickly and correctly. One Door digitizes and organizes all your visual merchandising information securely in the cloud. Their platform offers planogram software capabilities, interactive visual merchandising tools, real-time planogram editing, and virtual store simulations. These features are ideal for teams looking to elevate their in-store visual experiences and optimize product placements effectively.



3. SmartDraw

Unique Features: Intuitive interface, drag-and-drop functionality, and an extensive library of templates.

Ideal for: Small to medium-sized teams seeking a free, user-friendly solution.

Pricing: Free version available. Paid plans start at $9.95 per month.


SmartDraw is a game-changer in diagramming tools, especially for retail teams looking to create visually appealing planograms effortlessly. With its intuitive interface, drag-and-drop functionality, and a vast array of templates, SmartDraw makes designing layouts a breeze. It's an ideal choice for small to medium-sized teams seeking a user-friendly solution that doesn't compromise quality. 


4. DotActiv

Unique Features: Advanced analytics, category management tools, and planogram automation.

Ideal for: Medium to large teams with complex merchandising needs.

Pricing: Subscription-based pricing, starting at $150 per month.


DotActiv is tailor-made to help retail teams optimize product placement and assortment effectively. It offers advanced analytics, category management tools, and planogram automation features that streamline processes and enhance store performance. With its user-friendly interface and powerful capabilities, this software is a valuable asset for any retail team looking to boost efficiency and drive sales.


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5. Planorama 

Unique Features: AI-driven insights, image recognition, and shelf compliance monitoring.

Ideal for: Retail teams seeking advanced analytics and automated planogram optimization.

Pricing: Available upon request.


With AI-driven insights, image recognition, and shelf compliance monitoring, Planorama is ideal for teams seeking advanced analytics and automated planogram optimization. One of Planorama's standout features is its image recognition technology. They also offer virtual store simulation capabilities, enabling leadership to visualize and test various planogram scenarios before implementation. These simulations allow teams to experiment with different layout configurations, product placements, and promotional strategies to optimize shelf space and enhance the shopping experience. 



Unique Features: Simple interface, customizable templates, and affordability.

Ideal for: Small teams with basic planogram needs and limited budgets.

Pricing: Available upon request.


EZPOG's user-friendly interface and budget-friendly pricing make it a top choice for smaller businesses with basic planogram needs. While it may lack some advanced features, it offers essential functions for effective shelf planning. Its customizable templates cater to various retail categories, allowing teams to tailor planograms to their unique layouts. EZPOG helps optimize product placement and maximize sales potential by simplifying shelf rearrangements and product displays.


7. GoPlanogram

Unique Features: Intuitive interface, auto-generated planograms, 3D visuals

Ideal for: Retailers of all sizes looking for a feature-rich planogram solution 

Pricing: Available upon request.


GoPlanogram features an intuitive user interface that simplifies the planogram creation process, making it easy for users to design and visualize shelf layouts efficiently. The platform offers drag-and-drop functionality and 3D visualization tools that allow users to view planograms from various angles and perspectives. Additionally, GoPlanogram provides planogram automation capabilities, enabling users to generate planograms automatically based on predefined templates and parameters. 


8. Scorpion Planogram

Unique Features: Cost-effectiveness, user-friendly interface, and basic planogram functionalities.

Ideal for: Independent retailers seeking a budget-friendly planogram solution.

Pricing: Available upon request.


Scorpion Planogram is a design-centric solution for planogram creation. It is exceptionally user-friendly and a strong choice for small to mid-sized teams. The basic planogram functionalities provided by Scorpion Planogram empower independent retailers to organize their shelves efficiently and maximize their sales potential. It stands out as one of the more user-friendly interfaces, making it easy for retail teams to create visually appealing planograms without extensive training. Scorpion offers easy-to-use drag-and-drop tools, 2-D and 3-D planograms, and multiple fixture templates. 


The Importance Of Combining Planogram Creation & Execution 

Today's retail teams are being asked to do more than ever. Whether you're a small boutique or a multinational corporation, there's a planogram software tool tailored to streamline your merchandising efforts and enhance your customers' shopping experience. By combining planogram tools with robust, mobile-first retail execution software like Movista, frontline teams can make a huge impact on on-shelf availability and, ultimately, shopper satisfaction.


With Movista’s mobile app, a store associate or field rep can access planogram instructions, place orders for missing items, and provide central planning with real-time, in-store inventory data. This unification enables better demand forecasting and ushers in previously unattainable levels of on-shelf availability and planogram/promotional compliance. 

This is the power behind our unified retail execution software. To learn more about our RES solutions, visit our website here.

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