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From the Bottom of Our Hearts: Thank You

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A Letter of Gratitude Following Last Week's INSIGHT Customer Conference

The number one value here at Movista is to “Serve Clients Maniacally.” A slightly unconventional word to choose, but important. The informal definition of maniac is “an obsessive enthusiast.”

“Maniacal customer service” is a mantra as deeply engrained in our Customer Success team as it is in our Technology, Sales, and Marketing departments, along with every other one. At Movista, we’re hardwired to serve, so of course we were thrilled to host the 9th Annual INSIGHT Customer Conference last week. Our customers' success is our success, and the conference was punctuated with incredible stories of retail running right when it is connected. INSIGHT is a conference we adopted after we joined forces with Natural Insight a couple of years ago. Like most other events, 2020’s INSIGHT Conference was cancelled. As cases surged again this year, we made a critical decision to host the event no matter what happened, so we went digital.

Customers take a leap of faith when they partner with a technology provider. Over the years, we’ve worked hard to keep our end of the bargain. We’ve deepened our relationships and understanding of our customers' unique business challenges. Our technology teams are working on the next generation of the product, and our Customer Success team is here to support people in their digital transformation journey.

The conference had a huge turnout and engagement that blew us away. To all of our customers: thank you for joining and for sending your questions and comments throughout the event. You are helping us shape the future of the platform and the future of retail.


Here’s a quick roundup of the event:

  1. CEO Welcome: Stan Zylowski on Connectivity in Retail
    Movista’s co-founder and CEO Stan Zylowski kicked off our virtual customer conference by addressing some key changes in the industry. The future of work is connected, and to start us off right, he discussed the importance of retailer-vendor collaboration.
  2. Phil Libin on the Future of Work
    Former CEO of Evernote, Phil Libin, discussed the changing landscape from working “remote” and other changes the pandemic brought that might be here to stay. Phil was joined by Movista’s CEO, Stan, to discuss shifting tides and how to have meetings that don’t suck. They also managed to have lots of fun along the way as they explored Phil’s most recent business venture, mmhmm.
  3. Item Manager: A Mobile Extension of Any ERP
    Our longtime client, Kevin O’Connell from Central Garden & Pet Company, talked about how they leverage our inventory management tools to improve productivity in the field. Matt Wagner, Customer Success Manager for Movista, walked the audience through the features of Item Manager and wrapped with a Q&A on what results have been realized from using this feature.
  4. A Preview of Two New Modules: COMMS and Business Intelligence
    In this session, Movista's product-guru Brad Lawless, walked us through two new modules of the Movista platform. COMMS, a top-of-the-line messaging platform, allows retailers and ALL vendor parties to communicate and collaborate for better customer experiences. The COMMS module ties seamlessly into the task and project management aspects that are so critical for Movista’s clients. We also got an inside look at our sleek business intelligence module, called Insights, which is comprised of impressive, detailed dashboards powered by Google’s Looker.
  5. Technological Advancements: Panel Discussion with Movista’s Co-Founder
    Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer April Seggebruch spoke with three of Movista’s most senior tech leaders on the next generation of product features. They walked through a series of innovations and finished the session with forward-looking questions from customers.


Everything we learned last week, we'll take into next year as we look forward to an in-person event in the heart of US: Nashville, Tennessee. Who knew it would end up taking place more than two years after we originally planned it? We're more excited than ever.

We’d like to thank all our customers for giving INSIGHT your all and we look optimistically towards the future with each of you. Thank you for allowing us to fulfill our mission alongside you!


The Movista Team







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