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How Technology Can Help Win the Holidays at Retail

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You've already seen the signs. It begins with the re-appearance of Pumpkin Spice Lattes in coffee shops and then - before any of us can mentally prepare - out come the 100-ct. strings of LED lights, tinsel garlands, gift sets and Santa hats. The Holidays are coming. For retailers this is... well, it's their Christmas. A ton of preparation has gone into this last quarter of the fiscal year, and because finishing strong requires strong execution, many retailers enact Holiday communications blackouts to ensure their teams focus on the number one priority: serving the customer.

Retailers dial back what they send down to stores to ensure employees aren't bombarded with requests or confused by competing priorities.

How does a supplier or service provider navigate this time of year to make sure they're executing consistently?

Recently, our team sat down with Jarrod Davis from 8th & Walton to discuss how Movista bridges this gap between communication and execution during the Holidays.

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We make it possible to communicate with remote teams during this critical quarter, helping provide direction and guidance for consistency of execution while keeping more employees out on the floor where they're needed most. Not only can you provide direction, but you can also get real-time verification that the work is done correctly. It's great to have visibility into your team's efforts and be able to immediately course-correct, if needed, while that correction has time to impact Holiday sales.

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Check out the latest 8th & Walton Conference Call podcast, featuring our very own Mike Edwards and Jez Green, as they discuss how Movista helps bridge communication gaps during holiday season with retailers.  


Visit 8th&Walton's page to see their full blog post recapping the interview. 

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