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Movista Changes Gears to Serve Need for Health Monitoring

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These are challenging times. Government agencies, federal and state, are passing and implementing regulations every day. Employers are facing customer and employee backlash if they fail to monitor the work environment to the best of their ability. There are potential liability elements related to becoming a virus hot spot. It is hard to imagine a more treacherous position. We are seeing some companies excel though, and they are doing it through ingenuity and technology.


In normal times, Bentonville, Arkansas based Movista Inc. provides a workforce management platform. The company’s thrust is giving managers and workers tools to facilitate faster and better performance.  And right now, for many companies, all that is secondary to safety and compliance. CEO Stan Zylowski shared customer sentiments, “We are hearing a loud cry for a solution to the health-related data collection and decision-making demands in the market. This is very new and very loud.”


In response, Movista has created a new program for use by companies and governments. Project Health allows for the collection of critical health and exposure elements, and automatically lets employees know if they should be working. Normally collecting this type of information about employees is disallowed, but because we are in a pandemic, collecting basic data is not only okay-- it is encouraged.


Here is how it works:

  • Users and their work locations are uploaded to the highly secure system
  • Workers download the mobile application
  • Each company can instantly choose which questions they wish to ask
    • Health elements to collect (usually this is dictated by legislation)
    • The level of personal details they want (employee number vs name, etc.)
  • The survey becomes visible to the workers and typically takes about 2 minutes per day to execute
  • All the responses are viewable in real-time and can easily be shared, if desired or required, with other parties


One of Movista’s largest clients is using their newly minted Project Health solution to monitor their team of more than sixty thousand employees daily. Their model has each employee reporting to a manager before beginning their shift. Each manager quizzes the employee and enters data into the application. In this client’s case, they are using touchless thermometers and recording that reading as well. In return, the application is letting the manager know if an employee’s answers indicate the need to stay home from their shift. In an environment with shifting rules, this is a critical element.


The company has priced the offering as low as possible to enable maximum adoption. Zylowski summarizes that choice this way, “In normal times, knowing is good and wondering is bad. In this environment, 'bad' is not a strong enough word. If we fail to help, we are being morally exposed and betraying our values.”


If your company or agency is looking for a rapid way to collect and manage during this crisis, you can learn more here or email us at

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