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Proud to Support Pride - Our Continued Commitment

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In addition to our recent post, we're following up with action. In this post, we wanted to focus on what Pride Month means to our colleagues and allies. 

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I grew up surrounded by LGBT+ people in Chicago. Most of my mom’s friends were in the community, and I never understood until high school that it wasn’t normal to be around and exposed to the community. You could say I grew up as an ally, without even knowing.

By the time I started high school, the reality of the world was clear to me. As a member of the Drama Club in my HS, I met (maybe for the first time) LGBT+ members of my own age.

From there I joined an educational theatre group called “AIDS Should Die, Not People” — we traveled around the Chicagoland area doing improv based workshop to teach teens the reality of the community and how to be safe.

After high school, I worked in a gay bar for two years. Some of the best people I’ve ever known were customers or employees. I even met my wife in a gay bar!

In the last five years, one of the proudest moments I have is going to wedding of two amazing women (one of whom was a surrogate 3 times!).

Today, I donate my money and time to a variety of groups working to make human rights fully equal for everyone.


Pride 2021_ name banners_answered copy 3[Pride is] a celebration of unconditional love for everyone. It's a month where progress is shown and the entire LGBT+ community is seen, heard, and validated.


Pride 2021_ name banners_answered copy 6Pride Month is special to me because it represents the power of love. To feel pride for loving who you are and who you love in the face of great adversity is a powerful thing and is worthy of celebration.

Pride 2021_ name banners_answered copy 4Pride Month to me means progress toward equality for all Americans. It serves as a time to honor the voices of the LGBTQ community, bringing exposure to the areas that still prevent us from holding every citizen up. It also serves as a time to celebrate the areas we’ve moved forward to unite us all. I can only hope that with each year there is more celebration and less regression.


Pride 2021_ name banners_answered copy 2I have two brothers who are gay. When they were younger, one embraced his orientation and the other one struggled with it. It was sad to watch the struggle. He became depressed and it was a hard time. The other brother who embraced his orientation, flourished.

Today is a different story. They are both precious individuals who should be addressed as just that - individuals.  Their preference gives no one the permission to judge them. They should not be looked down upon by anyone.  They love or have the companionship of the person they have chosen. Just like I have the choice to do or you have the choice to do.

Imagine being gay in a small rural Arkansas town. It wasn’t easy and they hid behind the traditional male/female relationship. After graduation and leaving the area, they came out and got to become themselves. Both of them have traveled extensively and one landed back here in Arkansas and the other in Dallas, TX. They have experienced life and seen what the world has to offer.  They are both wonderful, contributing members of society who give back to others. Pride or proud? I am with both of them!

I love them both to the ends of the earth and back. I am honored to call them my brothers.


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I'm the proud Momma of a gay man. This has given me a strong sense of urgency around laws impacting the LGBTQ community. Their rights are human rights and it's up to all of us to help stop legal oppression.

In addition to our recent posts, we wanted to make sure we were doing more than talking about the importance of Pride Month. Our employees helped raise more $2,000 with a company match for NWA Equality. This charity in our community offers testing education, support services, advocacy, outreach, and community connections. We are thrilled to be giving back to our local LGBTQ+ community and supporting a fantastic charity right here in northwest Arkansas. 

We look forward to continuing to support LGBTQ+. It is our commitment to offer fair employment to all at Movista and we aim to provide a safe workspace for all. These commitments extend beyond company walls and are reflected in the independent actions of our employees in the community. As we wrap up Pride Month this year, we summarize with a single statement - we couldn't be more PROUD.

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