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5 Benefits Of The Best Retail Merchandising Apps

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As technology becomes more innovative and intuitive, it’s quickly becoming a part of everyday life. Whether you’re ordering groceries or booking appointments, it seems anything we want and everything we need is right at our fingertips.

When it comes to doing business as a retailer, the best retail merchandising app can help teams boost efficiency every day. From coordinating workflow to keeping track of what’s in stock, the benefits are far-reaching. Don’t let disconnected pieces of the retail puzzle stand in the way of a successful sale or promotion. Here are the top five ways a retail merchandising app can help retail managers compete in today's connected world.

What do retail merchandising apps do?

The ever-changing world of retail requires seamless coordination and an intuitive fix for nearly any roadblock. Fortunately, the best merchandising apps can serve as a tool to better coordinate workflows, team expectations, and ensure compliance across every store and every shelf.

Movista clients report giant leaps in productivity after adopting our retail merchandising app, such as:

  • 98.5% successful on-time project completion rates
  • 500% increase in project count
  • 33% lift in employee productivity
What’s the secret behind these levels of success? A retail merchandising app can help retail leaders do the following at every point of contact.

1. Create the perfect shelf

When customers get offline and go into a store, they’re looking for an experience. This is why it’s so important to capture their attention with the perfect shelf. From start to finish, a retail merchandising app makes flawless execution attainable across teams.

Planograms are incredibly helpful when it comes to building a better shelf or retail visual. Gone are the days of a flimsy piece of paper with a simple sketch. The best merchandising apps allow all team members to access detailed planograms that leave no room for guessing. Include notes, stock information, and provide details where it matters most.

2. Coordinate across teams

Without communication, the perfect display idea can fall apart. As brands, retailers, and other third parties try to work together, it’s often difficult to keep everyone “in the know.” Communicate effortlessly with a mobile merchandising app that connects everyone to the information they need, exactly when they need it.

For example, representatives in the field have instant access to managers. Whether it’s a quick question or the need for a final approval, they can submit messages and/or photos. Leaders simply give the green light when everything is in the right place! With a user-friendly retail merchandising app, the entire experience is better for everyone on the team, which can lead to increased talent retention. 

H2: 3. Stay in stock

As the retail industry saw at the start of COVID-19, stocking issues can quickly lead to loss of revenue and damaged brand reputation. This is why it’s so important to stay ahead of the game. With a mobile merchandising app, it’s easy to spot stocking issues before they hit.

Integrated systems allow retail leaders to optimize the process through robust ordering and returns, and audit for seasonal trends. This doesn’t just improve the appearance of a shelf, but also helps teams nail the in-store fulfillment of online and BOPIS orders.

4. Set goals and expectations

Every retail strategy is different, but there are always shared KPIs that unite teams. Establishing a goal and tracking KPIs over time through a retail merchandising app allows everyone on a team to see if expectations are being met.

Keep in mind, this is also a great way to encourage teams to enter results clearly. “Data hygiene” leads to clear and accurate results that set teams up for success. The best retail merchandising app makes all of this possible in one functional tool. 

5. Make informed decisions

Get the clarity needed to make informed decisions and do business better. Movista offers comprehensive data reports that help retail leaders manage on a higher level. Find daily numbers or long-term details and check in on insights that are tailored to a team's priorities with user-friendly visuals.

This information is provided in real-time on Movista's dashboard. Don’t waste time looking over data that is spread out across platforms. When Movista is working for you, it’s all in plain sight.

Find your merchandising solution 

The future of retail excellence is already here. Movista is the premier retail execution and workforce management software on the market. It’s a single platform that integrates the many moving parts of flawless retail execution and merchandising.

Movista allows you to bridge the gap between your team in the office and team in the field. From scheduling to task management, you’ll have everything you need to reach peak efficiency.

  • Plan: Tap into real-time retail tasking and scheduling. Projects can be created for one-time use or recurring schedules and can be duplicated for simple work planning.
  • Manage: From territories to teams, any project can be properly managed in Movista. Plus, payroll, fuel tracking, and other expenses are easy to record and plan for.
  • Collaborate: File sharing and chat keep everyone on the same page throughout the course of a project.
  • Document: Surveys and item management reduce hours spent on administrative tasks, giving in-store teams more time to focus on upleveling their merchandising approach.
  • Review: Photo verification and signature requests ensure the job is done right.

Find unprecedented collaboration and oversight in one centralized location with Movista. This connectivity guarantees on-shelf availability and lowers costs by keeping teams informed 24/7. What’s more, Movista integrates with several other critical platforms to eliminate disconnected systems. That means you can increase the value of other software platforms you’re already using to accomplish daily tasks.

Retail excellence starts with Movista. Are you ready to join us? Let’s talk.

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