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Here's to Our OutSTANding Leader!

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Our very own Stan Zylowski took home a prestigious C-Suite Award this week.

He's quick with a joke, or to light up a smoke...and there's nowhere that he'd rather be.

For those of you who don’t know Stan Zylowski, he's our CEO here at Movista. He started the company with April Seggebruch back in 2010. Recently, Movista acquired a $12 million Series A funding and the company is growing exponentially.

Stan has a cutting-edge mindset; he is always looking for the best new way to grow the company. With new community outreach initiatives, an expanding team, and an expanding clientele, he has shaped a successful company. Stan says that if there is one thing that every leader should possess, it is humility. Stan never fails to make us laugh, show us how to have fun, but most importantly, how to take that dynamic environment and turn it into drive.

Movista was also recently recognized as one of the Best Places to Work in 2018, without a doubt due to Stan’s courageous leading. Stan pushes us to work harder and be innovative. The company really is a family, and we all want to see each other succeed. With his constant support and constructive feedback, Stan creates engaged employees who love coming to work every day. With a diverse group of employees, and a fun office environment, we all feel truly lucky to be working for Movista and Stan. 

"Seriously, when we ask our clients and investors what they like about us as a leadership team, or Movista as a company they usually say something along the lines of “we appreciate the fact you are transparent” or “We may not like what you say but we believe you mean it” or my very proudest nugget of feedback, “you guys are so fun to work with”.  See what I mean? Nowhere in there do they talk about bits or bites, APIs or interfaces. It is always about the people and the intent. The technology is outstanding, but the souls are what really resonate."  -Stan Zylowski

He believes in being human:  being true to yourself and in radical transparency. He never gives up on his dreams, and he pushes everyone he knows to do the same. Even outside the office, Stan is always working towards his personal goals and growing individually.

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There is truly no one more deserving of this award. Stan, cheers to you and the coolest office in town.


Movista ONE is a cloud-based software that allows companies to manage their remote workforces via smart phones. 

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