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The Stanish Inquisition Ep. 4: Dr. Debbie Jones - Connecting the Dots

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Just in time for our local students to start back to school, our featured guest this week is Dr. Debbie Jones, Superintendent of Bentonville Schools. 

Recorded here at The Ice House in Movista's podcast studio, our CEO and co-founder, Stan Zylowski had a chance to meet with Dr. Jones, and had a great conversation about her beginnings: raised in a small town by hard working parents who kept her always involved - and how that shaped her outlook on being an educator and what keeping kids involved with activities, like sports, music, art, community outreach, dance, etc. can to do enhance a student's life and open their horizons. 

Have a listen, and then subscribe to our podcast on your player of choice. In each episode, we'll have guests from all walks of life and learn from each what their "moment' was - how a single person, an experience or something totally unexpected changed the trajectory of their life.  

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