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The Stanish Inquisition Ep. 3: David Kersey - The Hair Guy

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It's our third show, already? Man, time flies when you get to meet and talk to interesting people. Case in point, our most recent guest...

Recorded here at The Ice House in Movista's podcast studio, our CEO and co-founder, Stan Zylowski sat down to talk with David Kersey, Executive Director of Pixel Learning. We hear about how David got his start in computer animation, worked his way into a job in Hollywood, and then brought his skillset back to Arkansas to share his knowledge and experience with others. With his involvement in Nerdies and Pixel Learning, a school for media arts, he's helping create a learning track that puts education at the crossroads of technology and creativity. 

Have a listen, and then subscribe on your favorite podcast player of choice. We'll have guests from all walks of life and learn from each, "What does success look like to you?" 

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