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What IS Movista?

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Maybe you’ve seen our booth at a tradeshow or heard of us in retail technology circles. Maybe you’ve read one of our posts. Or maybe you’ve visited our website, where we’ve tried to break our product and services into bite-sized chunks of information, but – admittedly – it’s still a little “beep-boopy” for someone who may simply be trying to find out, “What IS Movista?” If any of that applies to you, friend, then THIS is the blog post you’ve been waiting for.

We’re THE Mobile-Optimized Visibility & In-Store Toolbox for Accountability. Fun acronyms aside, it may help to think about it like this. In the same way that:

Airlines need air traffic control.

Astronauts need mission control.

Orchestras need conductors.

Ballets need choreographers.

And … retailers need Movista.

We’ve spent a decade growing our solution, developing software to help retail stakeholders get things done in stores. Our platform provides teams one place where they can direct all workers, partners and activities needed in order to deliver product efficiently all the way from the stock room to the shelves.

Bringing everything together into one mobile, user-friendly experience is an invaluable resource for coordinating, communicating and collaborating with all the people involved in getting product into customers’ carts.

We have in-app communication and messaging, so teams can quickly tap into fellow workers’ experience to answer questions. Details around project completion rates, locations visited and hours spent on projects can be turned into real-time actionable insights. By uploading photos of displays, endcaps and inline merchandise, managers can quickly check that work is being done correctly – to help ensure that store number 500 looks just as good as store number 1.

Our software helps provide consistency and accessibility for workers to all the direction, training, visual aids, information and communication they need to make retail work better. Managers have a real-time look into productivity and quality of work. Employees have more command over their own workday activities, faster access to any information they may need and a higher sense of satisfaction. Their hard work gets noticed and appreciated, creating a virtuous cycle for more engaged employees.

Is it ALL just basking in sunshine with glitter and unicorns? No, of course not. Retail is hard. But our team comes from the industry. In fact, our co-founders experienced the very issues we solve deciding to start a company to fix the problems they kept encountering. We understand exactly what it takes, what the frustrations are and what obstacles might get in the way of the primary directive: selling products to customers. We’re improving our solution hour by hour to make sure we keep growing along with technology and industry changes. In the past year, as a global pandemic has pushed retail to innovate at a break-neck pace, we were right there – to creating offerings that could further enhance and streamline work in stores.

Instead of a full-sized, disorganized toolbox - full of clunky, inefficient tools - what if you had a pocket-sized multi-tool that would handle all those functions?

Instead of a workday where you:

  • Log in to a payroll app or clock in manually to start your day, THEN...
  • Log in to task/project management software to check for any assigned tasks, THEN...
  • Check email for any action items, recalls or immediate, time-sensitive projects or other direction/notices (between all the other email, interdepartmental info and junk) THEN... 
  • Checking shared file storage for yesterday’s sales spreadsheets, THEN...
  • Logging into another shared file to log your own department data from the week, THEN...
  • Responding to phone calls and/or text requests for things people want to be sure to get immediately, THEN...
  • Building a PowerPoint with graphs to share the results of all the projects going on this quarter…

WHEW. It’s exhausting just thinking about all the incremental time wasted going back and forth between processes.

Now think about what it would be like if all of those different, disconnected systems and functions were available from your smartphone? Imagine working with a smart retail field execution platform. Right in the palm of your hand, you’d have mobile access, from ONE app, to do ALL the things you need for the day… without the added distractions you’ll encounter switching between different programs and applications. THAT’S what Movista is.



Does that kind of visibility and simplified work stream sound like something that could level up your retail life – and make you and your teams more satisfied with your jobs? GET A DEMO


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