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Retail Product Displays: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly


To thrive in today’s fast retail landscape, brands must hone in on a solid visual merchandising strategy. Doing so is the best way to capture the attention of shoppers and beat out the...

The Ripple Effect of Out-of-Stocks in Retail

When a customer can’t find what they came to buy at your store, the impact can ripple in far-reaching ways, beyond a single instance of a lost sale.

The Stanish Inquisition Ep. 18 - Greg Van Horn: The Cost of Learning Media

In the newest episode of The Stanish Inquisition, Greg Van Horn of Launch Potato, sits down with Movista CEO & co-founder, Stan Zylowski, for a deep look into the online tech world. 

What IS Movista?

Maybe you’ve seen our booth at a tradeshow or heard of us in retail technology circles. Maybe you’ve read one of our posts. Or maybe you’ve visited our website, where we’ve tried to break our...

Seeing the Full Picture: Insights by Movista

We've officially launched Insights by Movista, the business intelligence tool built to keep teams on the cutting edge of retail execution!

Energizing the Emotions that Power Spending

Humans are emotional creatures.

The Stanish Inquisition Ep. 17 - JazzyJaeNWA: Doing the Most



Local NWA Influencers, Jasmine Hudson & Jae Merchant, join Movista CEO & co-founder, Stan Zylowski, on this week’s episode of The Stanish Inquisition podcast. Listen in as the three...

The Stanish Inquisition Ep. 16 - Josh Vest: Providing More Pathways to Graduation

For students who just need something a little different than the traditional high school setting, Josh Vest and his team are heavily invested in keeping those students involved, active and...

It Bears Three-peating! 2020's Best Places to Work in Arkansas


The Stanish Inquisition Ep. 15 - Teresa Hudson: Real, Relevant Learning

This week on The Stanish Inquisition, we get to know Teresa Hudson, the Program Director at Ignite Professional Studies in Bentonville, AR. She joins Movista co-founder & CEO, Stan Zylowski, to...

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