Author: Shelby Lawson

Celebrating National Diversity Day When Your Team Isn't Very Diverse

“We can’t let this be lip-service. How are we going to back it up?”

Phase 5 of Pandemic Shopping: Keeping Your Cool

We’ve probably all experienced the latest phenomenon – either in the kitchen or while catching up the latest memes. The Spring of the Sourdough Starter is what they’ll call it. (If you don’t know...

Learning the Lingo

My career at Movista has spanned a long, rigorous five months. Each week has been filled to the brim with lessons learned, often inspiring my boss to sing one of her famous catchphrases, “Every...

Meet Movista: An Employee's First Week

Information overload. Giddy anticipation. Handshakes by the dozens. Overwhelming intimidation. Sidesplitting laughter. The acceptance of a serious (and seriously cool) mission. These are a few of...

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