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Movista Moments: A Growth Year

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This has been a phenomenal year for us at Movista!

2018 has given us so much for which we can be proud: We were chosen as one of the Best Places to Work in Arkansas, named one of the 10 Most Promising Tech Startups in Arkansas, named on of the 20 most promising field service solution providers, our CEO was honored with a C-Suite award, we were a proud sponsor of the NWA Tech Summit, and most recently, we announced that we had secured a $12 million Series A growth equity investment from Level Equity, a New York based software-focused growth specialist.


“The capital injection is allowing us to be very strategic and has given us more options for growth and expansion than at any point in our history,” says Movista CEO Stan Zylowski.

We recently sat down with the team from Arkansas Money & Politics to talk about the Movista, from our founding through our most recent round of funding. It was a great opportunity for us to share background on our company and team culture, as well as talking about what drives us, our passion for customer service, and what we see as the future of our business. 

We're poised to grow our talent base, develop more of our innovations and expand into new business verticals... it's exciting to have these resources to help us continue our path toward our fullest potential.  

Photo by Meredith Mashburn 



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