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Towards A Better Way To Do Store Task Management

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The retail industry thrives with efficient task completion. Some of these tasks are day-to-day, while others may be weekly or monthly. It’s even common to have seasonal tasks during specific times of the year. Regardless of frequency, it’s essential to execute tasks in an effective manner. This requires everyone to be on the same page with a common vision and goal in mind. Store task management helps leaders create strategies that improve organization, avoid challenges, and boost the bottom-line. Here's how.

Why is store task management important?

Solid store task management can serve many purposes. In addition to helping retail leaders and employees manage inventory, it can also streamline scheduling and ensure planogram and promotional compliance. What’s more, it puts critical information into a digital format that can be updated in real time. At the end of the day, a brand that is cost-effective and consistent across locations has the ability to grow and succeed.

In addition to creating a well-organized environment for team members, effective store task management also contributes to a positive customer experience. Why? It frees up time for employees to give customers their undivided attention. In today’s digital-forward retail market, this is essential. When customers come into the store, they’re looking for a hands-on and helpful experience. Plus, they want to feel confident that they’ll get exactly what they’re expecting in terms of consistency across locations.

While e-commerce continues to grow, the in-store experience is still important. In fact, a 2018 study shows that 56% of millennials shop in a brick-and-mortar store at least once a week. And while curbside pick-up and other trends that have come out of the COVID-19 pandemic aren’t going away, there is still something incredibly convenient about picking out a product right off the shelf. This underscores the importance of adopting effective ways of accomplishing store task management. Without it, retail falls flat and sales can begin to slump.

What are the main challenges to getting it right?

The impact of poor store task management can be grave. From brand reputation to employee morale, everything is affected. Without an organized way of executing retail tasks, things slip through the cracks and the end goal is lost. These are a few of the challenges that prevent teams from having effective store task management.

Disconnected teams

When there are multiple vendors involved (which is often the case), retail execution becomes tricky. Every piece of the puzzle needs to be working towards a common goal in order to achieve success. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. This is a challenge that can lead to poorly executed displays, stock issues, and an unpleasant customer service experience. All of these issues can impact sales and revenue.

Unclear instructions

It’s tough to execute a solid display without clear instructions. When a team isn’t sure of what’s expected, the final product may not correspond to the initial vision. This is why a written guide is simply not enough. Pictures, videos, and detailed planograms all provide a clear view of what the final product should look like.

Zero visibility

On that note, many leaders don’t have insight into the issues happening in the field. This lack of visibility leads to messy, disorganized displays that impact brand reputation. It’s critical for managers to have a clear view of exactly what’s going on in order to keep retail locations consistent. Plus, photo verification and signatures allow managers to oversee completion from anywhere in the world.

Fragmented feedback

In some cases, leadership is providing feedback, but it becomes fragmented. The message is getting out to team members, vendors, and third parties on separate platforms. This hinders progress and keeps everyone from being on the same page. Without a feedback system that is built into integrated retail task management software that retail teams, brands, and vendors can use together, the message may be lost or forgotten.  

Finding a better way for store task management

So, what’s the answer to overcoming these challenges? Getting it right means adopting smart store task management processes. The Movista retail task management solution allows for a seamless process for both managers and team members, as well as third parties. Some of the key features of Movista include the following.

Collaboration across teams

Next-gen store task management tools don’t require a retail leader or team manager to sit in an office. While out on the floor, they can send files, chat, and assign tasks within the team or to vendors and third parties. Everyone sees the tasks and verifications necessary to get the job done right and maintain unity across store locations.

Storytelling data tools

Business intelligence connects in-store teams and external workers with reporting analytics. It also allows team leaders to run retail store audits around KPIs to see what’s working and what’s not. Teams can plan better with one shared platform for data and goal setting.

Smart checklists

Create clearly defined tasks that allow team members to check off items as they progress through each step. Managers can check on status and tap into real-time insights along the way.

Automated performance support

GPS tools allow for “hot tasks” that can be sent to geofenced employees at specific locations for hands-off leadership. Integrated payroll, inventory management, and other automated support tools also help reduce human error.

Integrated planogram tools

Creating planograms requires specialized software, but Movista helps integrate them into a team’s workflow. Teams have access to detailed instructions and visuals to create merchandising displays that are effective every time. From there, instant photo sharing and mobile signature verifications ensure accuracy.

Towards excellence

Ready to make a change? Excellence is up ahead! Replace disconnected processes and communication with innovative technology. Movista is your first stop for retail task management software.

Regardless of store size, Movista can push tasks to front-line employees for optimal productivity. In fact, companies using Movista report over 98% successful on-time completion rates for tasks and a 33% lift in employee productivity. Our integrated retail task management solution helps retailers achieve consistency. As a team moves from store to store completing tasks, managers remain “in the know.”

Movista’s functionality allows for excellence in every facet of retail. Connect with us to learn more or schedule a demo today.



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