Fresh food inventory

Fresher Inventory Management through Unified Planning and Execution

The key to improving fresh food inventory management is to unify the teams & technology of central planning & store execution. Learn why in this thought leadership blog between Movista and RELEX Solutions.

Retail Excellence

What IS Retail Execution, Anyway?

Think of Retail Execution as the way items are physically placed, promoted, and presented in stores as outlined a company's go-to-market strategy.


Enablement: Just another buzzword?

Is enablement just another one of those cringe-worthy corporate buzzwords? We take a look at its meaning, and its relevance in the work world right...

Movista News + Culture

Meet Movista: Quality First

Meet Anu, a Quality Assurance Analyst at #thecoolestofficeintown. She spends her days keeping Movista's software in tip-top shape.

Movista News + Culture

Learning the Lingo

Trade Show Specialist, Shelby Lawson, walks us through a few acronyms and examples of Movista-lingo she's learned in her first few months working...