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Retail Tomorrow

From the Bottom of Our Hearts: Thank You

The conference had a huge turnout and engagement that blew us away. To all of our customers: thank you for joining and for sending your questions and...

Retail Excellence

What IS Movista?

Taking away all the tech talk and getting down to this very basics of our retail execution software.

Movista News + Culture

Lessons Learned From Our Interns

Our UI/UX design intern and our HR/Marketing intern say goodbye to the #coolestofficeintown by reflecting on their experiences.

Industry Insights

Pandemic Shopping in Phases

With so many rapid changes in consumer buying behavior since the pandemic started, we wanted to take a moment to document some of our observations.

Industry Insights

Zoom Like a Champ: Part 2

This week, we have a few more tips to help you secure your Zoom meeting against zoom-bombing and bad behavior.

Movista News + Culture

My Summer Internship & The Good Place

We asked our summer intern, Zoltan Kiss, what it's like to have THE coolest name, and then to reminisce about his experiences working with us at...

Retail Excellence

What IS Retail Execution, Anyway?

Think of Retail Execution as the way items are physically placed, promoted, and presented in stores as outlined a company's go-to-market strategy.


Enablement: Just another buzzword?

Is enablement just another one of those cringe-worthy corporate buzzwords? We take a look at its meaning, and its relevance in the work world right...

Movista News + Culture

Meet Movista: Quality First

Meet Anu, a Quality Assurance Analyst at #thecoolestofficeintown. She spends her days keeping Movista's software in tip-top shape.

Movista News + Culture

Learning the Lingo

Trade Show Specialist, Shelby Lawson, walks us through a few acronyms and examples of Movista-lingo she's learned in her first few months working...

Product Innovation

Meet Movista: Driven By Excellence

It takes a village to make a good product great, including a team of developers, product managers and tech whiz-kids. Meet Joel, one of their leaders...

Movista News + Culture

Success Stories

At the Success Stories Luncheon for Dress for Success organization in March, guest speakers shared their perspectives on how to achieve success, and...

Movista News + Culture

Movista Continues Growing Leadership Team

Movista, the leading retail execution platform, announced today the appointment of technology industry veteran Jack Wilson as Senior Vice President...

Movista News + Culture

2018 Movista Highlight Reel

A short video covering Movista's epic 2018. We won awards, served the community and closed a series A round of funding.

Movista News + Culture

Movista Moments: A Growth Year

We recently sat down with the team from Arkansas Money & Politics to talk about Movista, from being a software startup through our recent round of...

Movista News + Culture

Meet Movista: An Employee's First Week

An inside look at one of the "Best Places to Work in Arkansas" as our new Marketing Coordinator recaps her first week at #thecoolestofficeintown


The Quiet Influence of Introverts

A trending online search asking can introverts work in retail may be too common for hopeful, but quiet, candidates. The trait's benefits may surprise...

Movista News + Culture

A Summer Internship at Movista

This summer, I have had the incredible opportunity to work for a tech company called Movista. When I started this internship, I didn't have a single...

Movista News + Culture

Entrepreneurs: This Podcast is for You

Tech entrepreneurs rejoice - our President and Co-Founder, Stan Zylowski, joined 8th & Walton for their podcast on this quick and easy listen.